Main Attributes
Full Name Zarya Starska
Nicknames Z
Pronunciation Zah-ree-uh
DOB 8544.23.5
Physical attributes
Gender Female
Height 5' 4"
Hair Color Mahogany
Eye Color Amber
Build Athletic
Species Human
Job Resistance Leader
Personal Affiliations
Relationship Status Darling
Parents Elspet and Zalan Starska
Children Cezar, Dax, Killian, Valan, Starla, Ilari
Best Friend Ture
Worst Enemy Darling
Other Info
Favorite Pastime Chasing after my boys
Weapon of Choice Explosives

The daughter of a traitor, Zarya was raised on the backstreets of hell. After her father’s murder when she’s 18, she rises to replace him as leader of the Caronese Resistance that opposes Arturo’s cruel laws that strangle their people.

A wanted felon, she is a lead rebel trying to bring down one of the most powerful dynasties in the United Systems. Her greatest asset is a mysterious member of the Sentella she knows nothing about, one who leaks valuable intel to her and who is willing to risk his life for her.

If only she knew who he really was…

“You are my heaven… and you will always be my eternal hell.” ~ Darling to Zarya in Born of Silence.