Main Attributes
Full Name Ture Kelsin Xans
Nicknames Tur
Pronunciation Tour-ee Zahns
DOB 8540.23.5
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 6' 1"
Hair Color Brownish Red
Eye Color Gray
Build Athletic
Species Human
Job Chef
Personal Affiliations
Significant Other Maris
Parents Disowned
Children Terek
Best Friend Zarya
Worst Enemy Kyr
Other Info
Tattoos / Scars On his left cheek
Favorite Pastime Making Maris crazy
Mode of Transportation My feet
Weapon of Choice Maris
Pets Caillen

Ture can count his friends on basically one digit. Other than Zarya, he trusts no one. He’s seen the worst in people and he wants nothing to do with them. Most days, he can’t even figure out why he likes Z so much. Other than she makes him laugh and she doesn’t judge him or use him. Things that are rare, indeed.

He believes that people are born to be loved and things to be used. The problem with living is how often others confuse the two.