Main Attributes
Full Name Nero Scalera
DOB 8504.11.4
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 6' 4"
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Steel Grey
Build Muscular
Species Trisani
Job Tracer
Affiliation The Sentella
Personal Affiliations
Parents Gisella and Ashter Scalera
Best Friend Syn
Other Info
Tattoos / Scars Scars across his back.
Favorite Pastime Playing piano
Weapon of Choice My powers
Pets Is the last surviving member of his family

Truly a tragic man, Nero has no sense of humor at all. Mostly because his parents were murdered while trying to protect him and he has been betrayed and used by everyone he’s ever met. His eyes are steel gray, but turn red when he uses his powers, which can kill him if he gets carried away.

An extremely rare full Trisani by birth (a race that has been hunted to the brink of extinction due to their abilities), he has massive psychic powers and was imprisoned with Syn on Ritadaria. Syn removed the neurocollar that kept him enslaved in exchange for Nero helping him to escape. They’ve been friends ever since.

Now a Tracer who hides his powers, he tracks down and executes anyone who threatens the innocent or gets in his way.