Main Attributes
Full Name Desideria Denarii
Nicknames Ria
Pronunciation Dez-uh-dare-ee-uh Dah-nah-reye
DOB 8541.7.1
Physical attributes
Gender Female
Height 5' 6"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Build Voluptuous
Species Human/Qillaq/Gondarion
Job Queen's Guard
Personal Affiliations
Significant Other Caillen
Parents Sarra Denarii and Enapay Aniwaya
Children Vashe (S) and Lillya (D)
Best Friend Darling
Other Info
Favorite Pastime Keeping Caillen out of trouble and out of her candy
Mode of Transportation Anything Darling isn't flying
Weapon of Choice Sword

A true Qillaq through and through, Desideria believes that all problems can be settled with a blaster. In her world, a man can only marry a woman if he can defeat her in battle. And since her skills are the best of her tribe, she knows she’s destined to grow old alone. But that’s all right. She doesn’t want anyone who isn’t her equal.