Main Attributes
Full Name Kaden Radek Aluzahn de Orczy/Caillen Dagan
Nicknames Cai
Pronunciation Kay-Lynn Day-gun
DOB 8539.22.2
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 6' 4"
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Build Muscular
Species Human/Exeterian
Job Smuggler
Personal Affiliations
Significant Other Desideria
Parents Evzen and Nadya de Orczy/Kama and Ektor Dagan
Children Vashe (S) and Lillya (D)
Best Friend Darling
Other Info
Tattoos / Scars Ornate bird tattoo on his left shoulder he uses to cover other scars. One over his left brow where Kasen hit him with a pry bar.
Favorite Pastime Manwhore
Mode of Transportation Fighter
Weapon of Choice Blaster
Pets Hauk

Irreverent, sarcastic and fun, Caillen believes there are three kinds of people. Those who fight. Those who die. Those who run. He’s not dead yet and he’s never run from anything a day in his life (hiding doesn’t count–that’s just smart thinking).

A third generation smuggler who flies missions for Syn, Caillan is anything other than what he seems. No one should ever assume they know anything about him.